CAD bike

In my profession I spend a decent amount of my time drawing buildings, and occasionally these buildings have bike parking. To communicate with clients regarding the function of the space, we use a bike ‘library part’ that we can quickly drop in to drawings. Our bike library part looks like this:

You’ve gotta love the dual radial spokes and dildo bars. Not sure why they’ve gone for ultra short cranks and chain guard, but each to their own. Obviously no brakes has been opted for as the front fork isn’t drilled…or hinged, some foot retention would be nice. Saddle could stand to be raised up a bit, but overall a pretty clean looking bike.

With gearing like that, I dont reckon you’d need brakes or foot retention!
Some tyres would be good though…

slow day at work i presume :wink:

^ That is correct.

i like that they’ve retained a pie plate, despite it being a single speed.

I’m thinking belt drive…

shit geo, although the forks are sweet

Pedal on the other side is turned (or missing)

Fork could be one-sided (ala-Cannondale) - Niice!

Chain is as thin as the spokes - Aka ‘string-drive’

Love the frisbee for a saddle.

On a similar theme, the ads from Avanti on the TDF at the moment has the entire peleton palping ss/fixed. They could be hub gears I suppose …

Nah, barspinzzzz

Okay, so I made a few upgrades - Aerospoke on the front, deepest rim I could find on the back, some tyres, top tube pad, rammed the geo, one of those three arm Campy cranks, track gear ratio and got that seat about 3mm into the frame. I’m pretty happy wiht how it turned out.

Haha - Love the toe overlap. Almost pacer forks now.

Best thing I’ve seen all day- well done!

So to be seen on some architectural drawings soon eh?