Cadel band-wagon

Talk about jumping on the Cadel bandwagon…

Saw this advertised on TV this morning for new idea.

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Im glad he chose the new idea to be the first to reveal their baby plans too…

Seriously these media/etc would never have heard of him 3 weeks ago.
even though he is a world champ & finished 2nd twice in the biggest sporting event before.

please! give me a break and leave it to Bicycling Aust or sumfin!

I dont mind it to be honest. It’s gonna happen. And if the 4wd mums read it and like him, they may actually see me on the roads… and give me an inch.

Exactly- this is actually awesomely good PR for cyclists!

I’m doing some artwork now for a Cadel Parade in Melbourne :wink:

^ Can you make Cadel masks for us all to wear?

or maybe just bum chins to stick on?

From The Age this morning:

“Evans will undertake a national tour later this year and the AFL, looking to involve Evans in its grand final day entertainment, is one of many parties eager to engage the cyclist upon his return.”

Cyclocross demo in the middle of the MCG?

Like this?

I will put it to the organiser.

^ Sold.

Fuck the AFL. They invite a guy a who wins a historically important race watched by a world-wide audience to a sporting event watched by three states? What do they think? They’re doing him a favour?


AFL is the most important sport in the world, its just the rest of the world isn’t intelligent enough to realise what they are missing out on, leaving it to the most intelligent spectators to enjoy for themselves.

Familyguy, according to this (Cadel Evans hints he may be in Australia by time of AFL Grand Final | Herald Sun), “Cadel is a keen Geelong supporter and has a strong relationship with the club”.

If Cadel has grown up following VFL/AFL, and understands the fervour it can inspire, then he’ll would probably be very honoured indeed. For many kids growing up with Australian Rules football, the idea of standing on the pitch of the MCG during half time at an AFL Grand Final is about as good as it gets.

BTW, at last count there were five states with AFL teams - Vic, NSW, WA, SA and Qld (Tasmania is also an Australian Rules football state, although it hasn’t yet been able to persuade the AFL to add a Tasmanian team). Last year, the AFL Grand Final was broadcast to about 150 countries.

That quote is from Demetriou, not Evans. Other articles have cited Evans as having a close supporting relationship with the Pies. Taking the unscientific nature of the poll on that page, the coin toss at the Granny is rating last out of those options.

I agree. I believe he’s deserving of his own stage, not being thrown a bone.

When is the AFL World Cup on? Before anyone says “you’re in Sydney, you must be an NRL shill”, Origin was broadcast to far less countries than the AFL. And the V8’s persist in racing in Bahrain. Go figure.


Is he going to wear lycra when he’s standing in the middle of the MCG?
I can imagine the bogans still saying a few things…

Slightly off topic, but does anyone else think he looks like Steve Pemberton (who plays Tubbs in the League of Gentlemen).
Can’t seem to shake that from my mind everytime I see him on the telly

Suppose if no Cadel masks are availible you could always tweak Tubbs ones instead.

I’d like to take this opportunity to formally request a chart from McKenny regarding the phenomenon of bogan idiots who give cyclists shit about wearing lycra, and then wear tights to their club footy training/worship footballers who wear Skinz etc…


For the record, I don’t give a fuck about any football codes, or sport generally. I ride a bike, so bike racing is interesting.