Cadel's Mapei Team Bike

COLNAGO CADEL EVANS TEAM MAPEI TIME TRIAL BIKE on eBay (end time 01-Aug-10 19:10:38 BST)

Not a fan of Cadel at all!

but a big fan of the Mapei team…

and a bigger fan of Colnago’s!

Holy shit, does anyone have a part number on that seat post? I need it.

looks like one of those easton/dura ace posts

only the ‘team’ ones had shimano on the side as far as i have seen

anyway, love him or hate him, cadel has the sickest TT front end in all of pro cycling

[u]Shimano SP-7410[/u]

or similar :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought it looked like the Easton one, though I’ve never seen one branded with the Shimano like that, so perhaps you’re right and it’s a team edition, Alex. That’s going to make it hard to get.

Thanks guys, and yes, the front-end of that bike looks vicious.

Abbotsford have the same post with large ULTEGRA branding. Strip and reapply your own lettering?

Doesn’t look like 8sp DA74xx to me, the cranks are 7700, rear mech appears to be 7700 too. Levers are BL-7402 and barcons could be 8 or 9 speed models. Would make more sense to have 9sp in 2002 also.

^ I can’t tell the difference between SP-7700 and the SP-7410, but that is a better match, even if it is only the numbers.

dam my bro sold the same post on an eric hendren bike sold to TVM’s gf … only if i knew it was team issue!

he sourced it from ebay uk …ask TVM if he wants to part size 27.2 as well

Do you remember what condition it was in when you sold it? It’s gotta be clean. But cheers for that!

Blakey, I’ll look into it. I wonder how easy it would be to achieve, and maintain that nice Dura-Ace sheen.

Ryan: My memory’s fuzzy, they either say Ultegra or Shimano, but pretty sure it’s Ultegra. There are boxes of them on the LHS wall of the shop.

FWIW, There are a bunch of components that are ~Ultegra spec but not part of a 6xxx group that have that “SHIMANO” lettering on them. My 47-57mm brakes are an example. So that post isn’t necessarily “DA” (even though that era ultegra/da was all the same under the branding)

it was definately minty fresh

bought nos from the 90’s…asked my bro and he said there a few listing’s back when he was searching

easy. take a look at my cranks next time i see you. hand-polished those mf’s

Yah, but DA parts aren’t polished, they’re anodised and have a weird translucent pearly glow to them. I’ll check em out anyway though, interested to see what they look like.

that ano is a bit meh imo. polished all the way.

Each to their own…

i love the dura ace ano, looks so silky

Ano requires far less maintenance. Polishing looks great but you got to be prepared to keep it up. But you know, I guess a lot of people on here love polishing their posts. :slight_smile:

I also agree that the DA ano on those posts looks sick.

the man speaks truth