cadel's sweet fixie / ss.

well, i’m guessing it’s singlespeed, but it’s still hot!

Picking up a ‘street bike’ - it’ll get stolen!.. on Twitpic

Typical triple triangle matte black hipster ride. Needs more 'spok.

heh heh… he should cut down those rizorz!

Discs? Omg cadel is so tuff

beaten with the ugly stick.

He will inevitably whine(have a dummy spit) about how pathetic it is, when somebody out paces him on it.
Cue the(stay away from my) pooch and the tears.

Having seen the TV ad for ‘Cadel’s new book’ for the first time my wife replies: ‘Close to Crying’. Love her.

Very Astute lady, I can see why you married her.

one more thing. Am I the only one who thinks that Cadel bares a striking resemblance to that creapy English comdian Steve Pemberton, from League of Gentleman?

There’s an electrician in melbourne named Graham Thomas who looks just like him

hrmmm belt drive?

Can’t be all bad. Spot Brand are running them on their SS’s

Spot Brand Bicycles

fug. cadel needs a stylist.
also, this photo: