cadence barrier rain jacket.

does anyone want the barrier rain jacket?

im thinking of buying the jacket and pants, but i only want the pants. (you get a discount if you buy both)

so i can split it.

Barrier Rain Jacket (breathable, limited, Stealth, Waterproof) | Jackets | Cadence Collection

usually costs 300, but if someone jumps on, it will be around 200 plus shipping (for the jacket)

Hey, I’m interested in the jacket if you haven’t already gone out and bought it.

I am a bit confused though. The Cadence website says the jacket is US$190 and the pants US$150. The deal is buy the two together for US$500. Doesn’t quite add up!!

The jacket price must have come down (quite a bit!) and they haven’t updated the deal.

they must of forgot to update the price cause they’re on clearence