cafes looking for work [Melbourne]

if anybody knows of any cafes in the melbourne(south east west and northern up to coburg) area looking for full time-ish wait staff, please pm me

If you make coffee Seven Seeds are looking for baristas at the moment.

i’d just like to say a massive thank you to the whole community, the amount of pm’s i got was quite a shock,
some time humanity does some awesome shit

job found = thread success

thanks again peeps

free coffee on you?

i’d like mine in a cup, thanks.

Where’d you get a job?

not 100% officail yet so im gonna keep it on the down low, but i just had my trial, and am starting a 2 week try out on thursday day at a certain cafe in collingwood

which narrows it down to 107.

make sure you let me know. that’s my neighbourhood and i’m fkn sick of drinking the international roast that blakey left at my house.

on the flip-side, i am looking for coffee makers for a port melbourne cafe. PM if interested… it’ll be fun, trust me.