Calling all steel road bike owners

Of whom are not camera shy,
my friend who studies photography at RMIT, is doing a photo shoot for a class
basicly it requires 4-5 riders on thier bikes riding up and down lt Collins out the front of a certain cafe, prefrebly old schoolish steel frame bikes sti/ergo shifters are more than welcome, the photo shoot will be done around the 27th 28th of this month and will require us to drink coffee and san pell, it’s a genervasie place so if coffee ben is anything to go by the coffee should be good…

Exact details to be confirmed, but please post intrest in this thread, uniform for the day would be riding gear I’d say, ie lycra.

What’s the aim for the outcome of the shoot?

Do you have a link to the in-training-photographer’s work?

EDIT: I sound like I’m attacking you with questions - sorry. Just interested in photographs and such.

I’m not too shy gene, do I get a free coffee and danish?

Is it only road bikes or can i rock up on my sweet gold tarck bike?

I only have a carbon road bike!

Why not…

Day or night?

i could bring out the pagani…

I could bring out the Travesty!

actually, this shoot could be done exclusively with blakey’s bikes.

IF required characteristics = (steel & drop bars), THEN matching bikes = (Streaker, Demon, Jubileum, SuperSpecial, Wazoo, Tachyon, Interclub, La Raza, hardrubbishspecial3rdplacewomensCX)


Do you need any girls in the shoot ( no im not dressing up!!)? because i’m sure i could convince Vanessa to head down on her teeny tiny Vitus.

Ask Gene! Not my shoot :wink:

Oops, i blame the huge amount of mud that made it into my body yesterday, and i just assume that your the master of everything Blakey…cheers

haha, so basicly mike(the photo man), is going for an older classic/tour race photo, steel road bikes(yes with drops), dude’s in kit, riding down past the cafe with a waiter holding a tray of san pell, we ride past grab san pell and drink it whilst looking tre epic, i will try and find a link to some of his work and get it up for all to see

at the moment im going to say day time, which is going to make the shoot a little bit of a hassle due to traffic and work restrictions

girls and guys are both welcome
still trying to sort out details i will update as i know more

fuck, i think benny’s gonna beat you with a grouphead for that misspelled travesty.
tell em to do it on a weekend. then i could do it.

Meh I miss spell everything…

So it looks like it’s going to be done on the Tuesday between 10 - 4 exact times to be confirmed, the photographer said the owner should look after us in regards to coffee and such, planning on running the shoot for around 2 hours which should be shhiiittttt loads if time,

and coz it’s a week day and it’s gonna be hard to get crew down I’m opening this up to all road bike’s steel prefer’d but alu and crabon is more than welcome

Not quite. You got ‘I’ and ‘everything’ right.

if someone trusts me enough to ride one of their bikes (my bike is hardly worth being seen let alone photographed). i have some lycra, a woolen jersey and can get the time off work.

ok guys so the shoot is on, starting at 10am on tuesday, meet at the cnr of elizabeth and lt collins!

Alrighty get your kit on and get onbuiut bike!