Cameras catch Cyclists @ Red Lights

Cameras catch cyclists running red-light gauntlet, but very few get fined | The Courier-Mail

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yeah read that this morning b4 ppl have commented… it sure will be fun riding home tonight…

on a side note, the cbd one looks like he has an elephantitus??? who was it!!! :slight_smile:

I’m not even going to anger myself by reading them. I’ll admit there are two reds I run regularly. One the sensor pad doesn’t detect me and the other is where two lanes merge into one directly after the junction. With the second one I know the sequence of the lights and can set off before the cars, this avoids me getting caught up in the morons trying to speed through the left lane and cut in front.

Funny how there are no stories about how Brisbane drivers are fucking awful and can’t drive for shit. In some cases it is safer to run a red than get caught up with the cars. I really hate automatic cars (even though I have one), people drive them like fucking go karts, stop start stop start.

Rantman, I pass the baton to you.

I really like the ACA style red stamps they put on the images to make them look extra scandalous.

Red light fine is $100 and no points. $300 and 3 points are for car users. Running reds on bikes is completely different to runnin them in cars. IMHO we need to adopt the rules of Paris and a few other European cities which allows bikes to run reds (when clear) as it avoids a car up you arse from the lights and doesn’t slow down cars entering the intersection when the light finally goes green.

Oh my god!!! 220 cyclists a year having got caught on red light cameras! What are the numbers for cars, and which has the potential for more damage? What about the fucktard that pulled out on top of me this morning and almost sent me into the side of his car while he was chatting on the mobile phone? What about the fucker that didn’t do a head check and decided to merge over the top of the green painted bicycle lane on the same stretch of road forcing me into an emergency stop? Get some fucking perspective you twats.

Perspective means reporting on issues that matter, not this dross that fills your pages. Robyn Ironside please don’t ever think of yourself as a journalist, you are a writer, and a shitty one at that. A journalist finds stories that matter and exposes issues of deep importance to society. A journalist would have asked, why are cyclists running red lights? And would have come to the answers that Chris pointed out above. In short Robyn, you are a hack.

agree for turing left at a red. but running a red when you’re going straight ahead is going to get really messy.

I’ve learned to never pre-empt a green light here in Sydney. So many cars run reds so late that I force myself to sit and wait until cars are actually stopped at the light. It’s no exaggeration to say that a minimum of 3 cars go through the lights after the adjacent light has turned green on every afternoon commute. This isn’t counting the cars who go through regular red lights. Or the drivers who are on their phone, changing lanes through red lights. Fuck em.

There should be a blanket ban on linking any CM articles to the forum - everyone knows the abhorrent quality of writing utilised and the subhuman readership to which they market.

You’re never going to have a pleasant day if you start it by reading fuking garbage composed by moronic bigots

MODS, make this happen!

Fair point. It really seems that this topic (cyclists on the road in general) is just one of those endless battles.

free speech should be curtailed and conditional upon attainment and display of a suitably high IQ - I’d wager most of the CM journo’s would be eligible for a disability pension on account of them falling below the magic 80 mark

I was out motorcycling once with a friend and we were waiting at a red. He took off as soon as it turned green and a red light runner came through and passed behind him.

That was a close call.

Moral is…don’t rely only on traffic signals - other people ignore them.

one rule i’ve learnt to use: Cross when it’s safe, not when it’s legal.

which i employ at the same time as: There’s a time and a place.

I’m very aware that the highest probability of accidents is at intersections and behave accordingly. I advise others to do the same.

Got a nice little Twitter war going with the writer:

@antmandan: @ironsider Thanks for putting my life at risk on the road by further inflaming motorists against all cyclists. #courierfail

@ironsider: @antmandan thought u’d appreciate the opportunity to have a public debate over whether cyclists should be able to go thru red lights.

@antmandan: @ironsider a debate? Are you serious? Do you even read the comments? This is just a dog whistle for the usual moronic CMail readers.

@ironsider: @antmandan I think other media have taken up the issue as well. Ben made some great points even though his group don’t advocate it.

@antmandan: @ironsider nobody does a good tabloid piece quite like News Ltd though do they? In a race to the bottom you guys get gold. #courierfail

@antmandan: @ironsider How about you come and join me on my morning commute and gain some perspective about the situation you’re inflaming?

@ironsider: @antmandan I don’t think I’m up to that!

@antmandan: @ironsider thought as much, much easier to light the match and cower behind your desk in Bowen Hills.

@ironsider: @antmandan I gave you the courtesy of a reply and you just continue to abuse me on Twitter. I know who the coward is.

@antmandan: @ironsider the only abuse is the stuff you guys try to pass off as journalism. My offer still stands, I’ve even got a bike & helmet for you.

Bravo! What a jerk.

love it!!!

Nice work.

Every time I try to start a twitter flame war with journalists I get no response… :frowning: