Camp stove cooking

So, knowing there’s people here with more camping experience than I, what do people cook when they’re out camping, by car or bike?

I’m car camping & have a jetboil type burner & a 1L pot. So far I’ve pretty much just made noodles, pesto pasta & tinned soup.

Anyone have simple suggestions for slightly more interesting meals?

Think I might buy a cheap frypan so I can cook bacon & eggs etc, but I thought there could be a good amount of ideas worth sharing…


Before I went no meat I cooked mussels, white wine, a tin of tomatoes and some 2min pasta.
Bloody good and mussels were every where in nz over there they should have a similar.
Also cheese toasties a in a fry pan are good,

haha I had a friend tell me kinda the same when he was in NZ. they were broke & mussels were the cheapest thing they could eat!

have bought a frypan, so that’ll help with options.

One pan meals will work well, it just really depends if you want something really quick - or something that you are going to toil over for a while. Always look for shops that sell locally made eat’s like chorizo, jerkey, sauces and jams.

A few ideas anyway:

One-pan lamb & couscous | BBC Good Food

Chickpea, chorizo & spinach stew | BBC Good Food

One-pot mushroom & potato curry | BBC Good Food

If I was camping I’d make a paella, risotto or a chicken curry. If hiking I normally just suffer dehy.

Korean pork, tofu and kimchi soup is another dead-easy campground winner… that is provided you’re not veg.

cool, these are great!

my time to cook varies, just depends on when I roll into camp etc.

tonight I’m havin veggie stirfry & noodles (provided I can find another fkn fuel canister. seems the vast majority on sale are a different connection, dammit)

Shoulda got a liquid fuel stove like an MSR, they run on near anything!

Cous cous is good, really fast and uses very little gas. Fry some capsicum, courgette etc first, set them aside, cook cous cous top with veges, roast almonds maybe some lamb if your flash and some yogurt and or hummus.

on bike -
Pancakes w/ nutella are a fav of mine.
Fried salami with quinoa
lots of freeze dried meals just cause they are easy and i’m lazy - really should look into dehydrating my own stuff.
powdered milk and chocolate nesquick in a gladbag with a straw is ace.
rice porridge and dried fruit.

car, whole different ball game because of a fridge/esky. our menu normally see’s below.

pre-cooked curry/spagbol/bean chilli/stew frozen lasts in the bottom of the esky for a few days.
baked spuds
nacho’s over coals are fucking amazing. As is pizza.
roast lamb
said roast lamb can be then fried with chilli and lemon and turned into ‘souvas’ good meal for a big group.
jaffel maker - left over sausages with canned spag bol in the coals gives mouth burning goodness.

Or plain rice, once cooked stir in salmon, avo and cashews.

shoulda woulda coulda fkn smuglord

found the bottle I needed eventually, bought 3.

Or tin of tomatoes, diced potatoes, good sausage and some veges for a one pot stew. Takes a while and needs stirring occasionally but good for a change.

I did a lot of packet raviloi touring in Europe.

oh, and no esky unfortunately, I could buy one, but I don’t reeeaaally think it’s necessary (plus I’d need to pack up my bed each day for it to fit!)

mmmmm ravioli.

frozen meals in a couple of those softpacks still last a couple of days out of the sun before you need to eat em.

Yeah it was dirt cheap in Germany’ added pesto, spinach, tomatoes etc. easy.

Thank you for this rolu

+1 on cous cous. It pretty much substitutes for rice but is way quicker to cook which = less fuel used.

he’s getting outta hand huh!

Yep cous cous is amazing and light