campag heads

Not sure if everbody knows this but I had some campag training yesterday and I found out

#New cyclecross cranks are coming out both 10 and 11 spd
#you can make a 10 spd veloce cass work as a 9 spd if you change some spacers so you can keep that sweet 9sp record bike going
#They are introducing a cheaper cranset which has the axle bonded into the drive side like shimano and F.S.A

Hope this is not old news

I saw some shots from Asian Campag OEM product releases a couple of weeks ago, confirms your training. Also, a Athena 11, Centaur / Veloce 10 available in full alloy, no carbon levers or cranks. Perfect for a classy steel build.

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What is different about cyclocross specific cranks?

Compact double, sometimes a bash guard. 34/48T or thereabouts I think.

Yeah it’s about the p.c.d so that you can run a 34 inner ring and a 46t say big ring and yes the all alloy shot’s I saw looked good made me think of a modern Colnago Master campag build.