campag pista group

* CAMPAGNOLO PISTA Track Groupset / Group | C-Record Titanium * | eBay

Same dude also selling NOS track Shamals, and the Denti frame all this came off is pretty rad too…

is there a way to bid on the us ebay?

The only way is to fly to the USA and go to an internet cafe to bid.

There’s way’s set up a shipito address,
Use your shipito address as your default eBay address.
Not exactly the right thing to do but I did it with my Tommasini Diamanté road frame.
I had to have it.

whats the go with some shamals: different front and rear hubs (and i dont mean one is rear and one is front…).

Geez I like the seatpost, are the cranks Ti too or allu?