Campag Record Pista 1958 Cranks

Already sold…

But check out the price they went for :-o

that’s insane for used campag cranks. surely its just someone blowing the auction up, so to speak.

i would have guess around $150-$300 would be closer to the mark for just the cranks. is the chainring worth much?

Spirito is best placed to answer this, but being in good condition, first gen, pista, pedal dustcaps, these are not common at all.

[quote="Blakey "]

that also looks like 1inch pitch. fucking collectors item…

Yeah, it is inch pitch. Rare as shit.

but ~$800? should get cycleunderground to punch out some replicas.

Pretty sure CU don’t make inch pitch.

no they don’t, but guessing they could.

pretty sure you’re not thinking like one of those crazy collector types.

paging spirito…

The cranks sold for good money not becuase of the inch pitch chainring but because these are 1st Gen. cranks with the raised pedal lip and dust caps in place behind the pedal thread. Exceedingly rare and the seller is a known dealer with a very good reputation. Campy Inch Pitch chainrings sell for about $250 if you know where to look and are not so rare.

I thought they’d go for much more :-o

The buyer should be happy and know they’ve scored something quite special

The most awesome dudes at CU will make whatever you like. It’s just CNC, so you pick the BCD, tooth count, width etc.

But… a newly made ring isn’t period correct.

The value in this is that it’s a complete first generation set, it has the black oxide chainring bolts, raised pedal lip and hasn’t lost the crank bolt / pedal dustcaps.

If there was a matching pista BB and pedals in equivalent condition the price would be stratospheric.

Collectors get crazy in the coconut for this stuff, but are even crazier for 1930-50’s French gear. See how much an alloy railed Ideale saddle or a set of high flange Maxi-Car hubs etc goes for sometime.

I have a 151BCD pista crankset and BB, not nearly as valuable as this one.

Would like to see it on a Legnano with steel Cinelli cockpit, wooden rims laced to Record / Gran Sport hubs…

Edit: Damn you spirito

so are their different 151bcd campag pista cranksets?


Yeah, what Blakey said !!

True, if it had Con Dente pedals and the early BB (with odd size bearings) it would have attracted much more attention.

Even more so, had it been a road (strada) crankset the price would have been up above $4k … easy :sunglasses:

Well, I learnt something new!

1958: First generation, pedal dustcap, raised pedal lip, 151 BCD
1959: Dustcaps eliminated
1962: Raised lip eliminated
1966/8: BCD changed to 144

Sorting/Finding Inch Pitch chainrings are easy … finding the correct 3/16" block chain to use on them is the hard part.

just to point out that 144 and 151bcd ran concurrently during this time and 151bcd availability ran a little later as a track option. There was a lot of crossover in the phase out.

i have also learnt something new. wised art thou forum elders.


Blakey and Spirito are clearly the people to ask if one needs an information bomb on vintage gear.

Cheers fellas

Didnt user RogerRabbit sell some campy first gen cranks last year? He found em on a super cheap kenevans complete on ebay. Im no expert in that area at all, but i think the cranks sold for like $600???