Campagnolo 10 speed lock ring

Not sure when but my 10 speed lock ring on mt Campy record Ti cassette won’t fit into a Campy 9 speed record hub. The lock ring is to big by a very small amount. I have tried both std Campyand a DT Swiss 10 speed lock ring but alas no success…

Do the wise peeps of the forum wanna tell me what the fuck I’m doin wrong?

The wheelset it a 1998 Campy electron 9 speed wheelset


Interested to know the outcome!

I have this same problem with a Rear Tri-spoke that I have which i discovered yesterday.

My 10spd lockring wont fit, despite it being a 9/10spd hub body.

you need the rare 26.0 campagnolo 9 speed lockring, about $50

Problem solvered… I thought 9 and 10 speed were the same…

I was wrong

They are the same unless you get the 9 speed specific 1998 model,

Campagnolo do this shit all the time, like Centuar 2011 being powershift when previously it was ultrashift.

Price you pay for passion.

where does one buy one of these?

There are a couple on eBay in Hungary

These work too, Lockring GMRCL -

Cheers for the link. Lucky I can read/speak Deutsch. $26 posted. Rad.