Campagnolo bb lock ring stuck

Hey guys,

The lock ring on my campagnolo bb is stuck.

Just came back from the bike shop and they could’t get it off.

Any ideas?

BB needs taken out and serviced.

Soak the lockring / BB in WD40 or similar. Stick the lockring in a vice…?

The mechanic has left it in WD40 for 30 mins and still nothing.

Might try the vice trick.

What tool did they use? Hozan lockring pliers will allow you to apply more torque.

Soak with Penetrene for a while and then have another go.

inox or diesel overnight.

fill sandwich bag and immerse BB as best you can. secure with tape/zipties. go to bed. wake up and put lockring in vice. turn frame.

Be careful with the vice, you could crush the lockring and damage everything- including the cup. Use it as very last resort
Get hold of a small file ( the ones they use for ski and snowboard edges are the best) and clean/ square up the damaged cut outs - then using a BLUNTED cold chisel give it a gentle tap- make sure the lockring is moving and you’re not just cutting further into the metal.
Also not a bad idea to wrap some tape around the bb to protect the paintwork

There are some very good reasons why we never allowed customers into the workshop :wink:

I suggest using Jimmy.

Not sure on what tool that was used, back in the studio now.

Does anyone in Melbourne have a pair of Hozan lockring pliers I can borrow?

I like this idea :slight_smile:

Will get onto this later today.

Thanks for everyones suggestions.

a rustychisel will fix that fucker, fast.

seriously, soak overnight with Penetrene then repeat the dismantling operation, using a sharp knock to get it started. Those bits look like they’ve been well munted anyway.

Nut cracker! $80 a can worth every cent.


Will see if my hardware store stocks it.

So many options, so many not working…

Any bike mechanics in Melbourne think they can help me out?
I don’t want to damage the bike, and would feel safer if a professional was in charge.

Was the mechanic turning in the correct direction? It wouldn’t be the first time a mechanic got that wrong.

He was turning it counter clockwise.

French thread campagnolo BB not sure if that changes the lockring direction.

French? Italian surely for a Gios, both are RH threaded both sides though, but a French BB wouldn’t bite, it’s smaller with more threads per mm.

I have the lockring pliers btw.

If Shifter Dan can’t get it out, it’s a permanent fixture.

If all else fails you can cut the lock ring with a hacksaw blade and pry the lock ring with a screw driver to snap it.

I got the bike from France and the guy said it had a french campagnolo BB.
His English was terrible and when I questioned the BB he just said “French…”

I want to get the Lockring off so I can see what’s inside.

The BB case has Campagnolo 35 x 1 on it.

Alfredo Gios sent me an email to confirm it was a real Gios.

Where are you located?


Might just save my self all the trouble and walk over to Dan and get him to work his magic