Campagnolo QS front Mech with Powershift (current) Shifters?

So I bought a couple of 10spd Veloce CT front derailleurs like this:

However once arrived one is QS (quick shift) and one is ‘normal’ i.e. I assume powershift.

The QS has a longer lever arm/cable mounting arm than the other.

Question is has anybody used QS front mechs with 10spd shifters? (I have 10spd Veloce)

All I can glean from google is ‘should be fine’ - with maybe another click needed to get to the big ring.

They are both NOS/New in bags hence I don’t wanna try it out in case its a no go and I gotta pay for return postage ~$24 to France for a $40 part seems stupid and the fact its clearly the sellers fault- they came from France. -Merde!


QS is the leverage ratio.

Powershift / escape is the lack of trim. Ultrashift is the nicely trimmable one. (of course to be confusing, high end campy 11sp front mechs are also called ultrashift)

Have a look on pp20-21: Official Support Area Campagnolo

Specifically the table at the bottom of p21.

cheers for the link Blakey, seems it should be fine, though I am risking death - albeit a passionate one.

I’ll wait for old mate frenchy to get back to me, I don’t think I should have to pay for return postage cos its his/there fault but we’ll see.

You’ll probably just get a refund as return post will eat up the cost of it.

I’ll check what CT mech I’m using and maybe we can swap or summat.

I’d rather die a passionate death than an OEM one.