Campagnolo SHAMAL 12HPW Titanium in Campy race bag with manuals.

Campagnolo 12HPW Titanium with Campagnolo wheel bags. - eBay (item 130515371181 end time May-08-11 07:02:59 PDT)

selling these.

dem some pretty wheels, all these shamals poppin up everwhere recently!

Seller’s ebay name is kate moss turd stain??? AWESOME.

i thought i might sell them while the phase is in.

If anyone want these chuck me an offer over 600. The rear is actually 16 not 12 like the front.


I like this:

AU $500.00
Approximately US $547.15

Really like the shamals but i’m too heavy for them, doubt they’d deal with 97kgs+the way i ride. good luck