campagnolo Shamals

Hey guys,
there was a kerbside collection a few months back and I managed to find a set of Campy Shamals and a trek 5500 frame with a kinesis fork.

There are a few broken spokes on the front wheel and both have a few scratches, but don’t seem to be broken.

Are these worth taking the 9 speed off the back and putting a new hub in/repairing at all?


Assuming you’re not taking the piss…

The rims are worth saving if they’re not dented / gouged / taco’d.

You can lace them to Miche Primato track hubs (Ask Brendan about this, ShifterBikes did it for him), but getting replacement spokes can be a pain.

Forgive me for not knowing, but what does gouged mean?
Did he use the 16H hub? I have heard people sometimes lace them to 32H, but was unsure how that would work out.
Are the campy hubs worth keeping or selling?
Thanks very much for your help, sorry to be a little slow with this.

No that sounds like a pile of garbage, I’ll pick them up from you on the way to the dump for you…

Sounds like a great find, are they damaged is the basic point, If you can’t tell, take it to the shop. I would be distrustful of an old carbon/al fork found in hard rubbish though.

thanks super- hopefully I can make something out of it. I’ll probably take them down to my LBS tomorrow.

You can get Miche hubs in 16H so there is no need for pissing around with lacing problems. I have done a few 16H Hubs into 32H rims as of late and you can always do the opposite. Most bike shops that deal with the guys up at Hillbrick can order you a set of hubs. As for spokes… Change out for the Miche Hubs and use CX Ray spokes for lightness and high tension, and you wont have to file hubs for ages to get bladed spokes in as they are Semi Flat and will fit in a standard spoke hole…

my friend brad is running a colnago bitatain with campag century and shamals
they guys at our LBS jizz every time he comes in for something

I run the 16 hole qr hub but with an Allen key skewer on mine works a treat on the front $12 from wiggle. For the rear either a phil wood or miche would be a good pick. A 32 hole hub would not do those rims justice. And bladed spokes FTW.

If you do part with the hubs I call first dibs