Camping Summer vibes

I am fucking excited for Summer in Melbourne. And coming home from Paris where winter is starting to get shit here, gets me even more hyped for it.

I am super keen for some amazing overnight rides camping trips.

Anyone know of any 2 day rides, with great cheap camp spots. Or is anyone keen for an over night trip? Like a little micro adventure. As wanky as that sounds.


Im from melbourne, wasn’t sure if this should go in the Melbourne, or the Pub section. Apologies in Advance if its in the wrong spot.

haha you are excited!

try this one, dead legs & I did it & it was awesome!

there’s been some others that I’d recommend too, but they weren’t camping, just overnight credit card & backpack dealios.

wangaratta - bright rail trail return, traralgon - port Albert return (thru tarra bulga park), tallarook - cathedral ranges state park (camping) - lilydale.

Thanks heaps, i read that whole thread, sucks it didnt happen.
i really want to also make and use one of these…

yeah, bit of a bummer, but we went anyway.

can’t recommend that campsite enough. hot showers, heaps of space, BBQ, cheap & indoor shelter with wood fires if it rains.

Just make this one
The Super Cat Alcohol Stove
easiest/most robust/great burn time ( I even used it for warmth in the rain the other day)

Made one of these once, they work surprisingly well! Slow though.