Campy FD Question

So I bought a 2nd hand 11 speed Chorus groupset for the Kumo build, but it came with a Clamp on FD.

I was just planning on getting a new band on but it’s just arrived and it looks to me like the clamp should just screw off and the body should mount on to the braze on.

Am I missing something?

Can post a pic if it helps


Try here:

Yeh, I saw that but I think that maybe an older model. This really just looks like a braze on attached to a clamp.

Here some pis with and without the clamp

Looks like a braze-on with a clamp to me. Should be good to go on a braze-on frame. Unless we’re all missing something…

Yep agree with Jono, that’s a braze-on with a clamp, fine to use to mount directly onto the frame’s tab.

Cheers, that’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.

Anyone need a 35mm clamp?

Yeah, you’ll be sweet

Parts, are slowly trickling in.

I think I just need to get some Dipell tape and I should be ready when you get back. I’ll grab two of the King cages off you as well if you’ve still go them.


I’ve got the Isis style cages in stock which are nice, regular back in stock soon

Go to the bike shop (or local bike nuts house which resembles a bike shop) and get a curved washer to sit under the nut.
Dipell tape is rad.
Think before you put an Isis cage on otherwise you’ll out it on upside down.

Already got one on the way

Campagnolo FD VL102 Mount bolt + washer for braze front derailleur, DERAILLEUR SPARES

Sometimes I wish I’d never put Dipell on a bike. It’s worth every penny but