Campy Hierachy

I will probably be scorned for this but can anyone tell me the heirachy/rank of quality for campy parts?

Cheers, Joe

Here’s the scorn you asked for…look it up for yourself.

I can’t see Daytona, Victory, Gran Sport or Croce d’Aune on your link Snowflake :wink:

Campagnolo Xenon FTW!

Nuovo Tipo’s where it’s at man

To answer the original poster, for all things Campy, check out:





Meh, overpriced Italian gear :roll:

says the guy asking about the new ultegra… :evil:

Ultegra 6700 is probably cheaper than Veloce… I know where I’ll be putting my money :mrgreen:

I blame sarcasm and laziness.


i gotta say, i likes the looks of that SRAM red…

If you do the maths, Centaur is cheaper than Ultegra and in most peoples opinion (including mine) easily as good, if not better.

Meh i had Ultegra. Campy Veloce on my BMC now. Its heaps better IMO. Smoother. Campy shifters are more comfy to ride then Shimano shifters aswell.