Campy MTB cranks and levers

I have a set of Campy MTB cranks and levers just chilling as well as a brand new MTB rim. was planning on searching everything else but just never happened. Have never seen another set of these for sale, does anyone know what they are worth? Little ring is a Sugino but middle and big ring are Campy. Any info would be sick. Thanks a lot guys Jim

They are very collectable. You need to figure out what model family they belong to as they produced quite a few variants beginning in 1989 or so and up till the mid 90’s. The problem however is they didn’t give the components distinct product codes to identify. The best thing to do is to look at the 1989-1992 Campagnolo catalogues and see which one is the most similar.
It looks like an early crank model perhaps Euclid or Olympus as later on they produced a splined chainring attachment design on the cranks which was quite different.

Post a pic of the levers as that will give a better idea of what groupset it belonged to. Want to sell them? :smiley:

The models were
Centaur (before it was a road group)
Record O.R
Themis (touring group)

That would be my guess. Collectable? yes. Valuable … maybe. You gotta do your homework and make sure you present them well as well as pitch it to the collectors for these, most of whom are overseas.

I had a set of these cranks and regret selling them.

+1 You’re probably right on Centaur

here’s a pic of the levers finaly