Campy Pista wheelset

G’day guys just wondering if anyone has ridden the Campagnolo Pista wheelset as i’m looking getting a set to bum around town on.

Overpriced garbage?

Is this a joke? Or are you applying to be king of the hipsters?

You want a wheelset to bum around on just buy some cheap velocities.

LOL you’ve got to be kidding… :expressionless:

Campagnolo Pista wheelset is strictly for the velodrome- no braking surface, unsealed bearings, low spoke count meaning not resilient on the street.

don’t pay out low spoke counts! i run 16 spoker on the front and it takes a serious beating!but still true assssssss

What wheel is it, Shamal or something?
Do you weigh 50kg? :evil:

75ish and shimmmmano! yes

pista’s are pretty expensive and like everyone is saying arent really for the road. If you want some road wheels you could try and fix a set of campagnolo khamsin road wheels

Just out of interest, how do you fix a cassette freewheel? Is this what the Surly fixer thing is for?

Meh its got me stumped aswell. I say buy a clincher beater specific track hub wheelset and be done with it.

Just out of interest, how do you fix a cassette freewheel? Is this what the Surly fixer thing is for?

nah i just meant change it to a fixed gear hub

You’d need a stupid spoke hub to do that. Waste of time and money.

chug, dont use campagnolo hubs for the road the bearings are very soft. spares super expensive, and mainly since 1980 all record hubs have been using inner cups and cones from old campagnolo hubs and putting them in all brand new hubs. main reason why older campag stuff seems to be more expensive than brand new campgnolo stuff today. in short dont waste time with bits not built for street use
( i.e high end velodrome bits)
and get some nice velocity/hillbrick/formula/phil hubs and either box sections rims(mavic open pro/dt swiss tr7.1) or deep section rims (deep V/B43`s/cxp30)
cool hope this helps

what? are you saying that campag take the parts that wear out of old hubs, and put them in new hubs?

so i coujld fix a shimano cassette hub tri-spok?, using a surly fixxer?.