Campy record cranks 1996

Hey there,

I recently picked up some 1996 campy record road cranks and just need a bb. Does anyone know if i can get away with using a veloce bb with a 111mm spindle or will i need to get a chorus or record bb with the 102mm spindle.

I know at one point record used approximately 111mm spindles and changed to 102 in the mid to late 90s but I can’t figure out exactly when.

More to the point, will the extra 4mm of spindle length really mess up my chainline alot?


i had chorus road doubles with a centaur 111mm (i believe) bb for a while.

no issues with chainline and the cranks (gunmetal grey) looked and felt better than most of the cheap cranks available for twice the price. plus they were 144bcd!

Thanks for that, sounds about right.
it’s definitely the option I’m leaning towards. and the veloce bbs are only $35 on wiggle which is a bonus. Were you running the 52 tooth or the 39 tooth ring?

Aren’t all campag road cranks 135 bcd?

I had some record/chorus (?) road cranks from about that vintage a few bikes ago and needed a 111mmm spindle to get good chainline with the chainring on the outboard side (was running primato hubs):

(pic apropos of nothing other than my nostalgia for it)

IIRC I even ground off the inboard tangs to get chainstay clearance ( :-o )

i had a 49 on the outer ring from memory. i got close to grinding off the inner tabs (as CC did) but ended up not bothering and then i was able to sell them on as working road cranks :wink:

for a while campy road cranks were 144bcd too. very helpful for switching to a 1/8" drivetrain.

google a 1990 campy catalogue and find the spindle length

hmmmmm 90’s campy… :smiley: :-o :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’ve made a mistake somewhere … Chorus cranks were only ever made in 135bcd.

Campy 144bcd road cranks ended just before Chorus was introduced.

in hindsight you are probably right. i thought they were chorus but i got them from my LBS in pretty mint condition and seemed to remember they were a decent level of quality. i know they were 144bcd.

Dunno about 1996, but for at least the last 7 years or so I think, Record and Chorus have used 102mm BBs for doubles and 111mm for triples.

Centaur and presumably all the lower groups use 111mm for doubles and 115mm for triples.

A 4mm difference is bad news for your chainline - I wouldn’t use the wrong size.

ended up just taking it to the LBS. apparently the cranks are early 2000 era. The current campag centaur bb didn’t fit, not because of spindle length but because when the hexbolt was tightened the base of the cranks rubbed against the bb cups. Pretty normal case of campy changing their stuff to eliminate any kind of backwards compatibility.

They’re sourcing a bb now though. good guys.

Record Track uses a 111mm symmetrical spindle. Veloce/Centaur etc use 111mm Symmetrical spindles. There are 111mm asymmetrical spindles used for recent triples (offset to the drive side) for upper groups (Record) as well as 115mm for lower groups (Veloce).

Of importance here is for peep’s to note they need an symmetrical 111mm BB for the their recent era Record track cranks and not to buy an asymmetrical BB as the chainline will be wrong. I’ve seen people selling such and not being aware of this.