Campy record track cranks + 5 chainrings going cheap.

How are these at $160, less than 7 hours to go, and no bids?

Rare Campagnole Pista(Track) Cranks 167.5mm (eBay item 270699440010 end time 06-Feb-11 17:03:24 AEDST) : Sport

^ Damn. I much would have preferred the post to have been in 7 hours time along the lines of “How did these go for one bid at $160”

Ah sorry dude, you should call dibs on them.

What is this dibs rubbish? And the notion of this one little bitty forum outing having a difference to the final price is absurd … there’s a whole world of bike collectors out there who haven’t even heard of or perouse these ebay forums.

The current price accurately reflects the half assed out of focus pic. I’d rather pay more and know what I’m getting than risk getting stuck with scratched or cracked cranks, or ones where the tapers and/or threads are stuffed.

I’m not playing this auction down and it’s no secret to many people but the seller is doing him/herself no favours and those who will gamble on the condition of them haven’t as yet shown their hand.

And don’t forget the notorious hairline crack that commonly appears between the crank arm and spider on the old pista cranks.

^ agreed - but for that price it is worth a gamble just for the chance of getting a lot of chainrings for different track events. Only having 88 inches for each race is killing me.
I think the fact that the price is low has more to do with the poor spelling in the listing than anything else.

What is your fucking problem dude? Remember the last time you went me on here and it turned out I was on the money? I don’t pretend to be the doyen of all world knowledge, but that’s no reason to be a fucking condescending prick all the fucking time.

The idea of calling dibs on something on here is to potentially avoid a bidding war with fellow forum members (somewhat akin to letting your other cycling friends know you’re going after a part so they don’t drive the price up on you), or is that dumb logic too you smarmy prick?

No need to get tetchy … I stand by my words and you need to tone it down.

I can be all those things you wrote but I’m still a good guy and so are you. You shouldn’t take things personally. The part addressed to you is “what is this dibs rubbish?” and it’s not just having a dig at you but the others who carry on with it as if it means something. Thinking that by some gentleman’s code and arbitrary bidding war can be avoided by 3 guys on some small corner of the interwebs is ridiculous. There are so many more players than the handful here.

Don’t make me drive down to Melbz just to put you in a headlock and softly nibble at your ears and dribble saliva on you. I’m not hating at you and I’d be surprised if I was the only one who thinks the same way about people calling “dibs” on anything. Maybe I’m a little blunt … that’s OK, it’s not hard getting past that if you try.

The only place besides this forum that I hear “dibs” is in the class of 8 year old kids that I teach double bass to… when students break the code on what instrument they “dibs” it usually results in tears, the whine of “not fair!!!” or little guy wrestling.

I called dibs on Christy Turlington years ago … perhaps she was nervous or thought I was in a relationship (shrugs : chicks, eh?)

^ yes but doesn’t she now have emphysema Ben?
Take her…she’d be breathless in a 30 second roll around the sack!!

Too late, Mrs. Spirito owns me now :wink:

i call dibs on this guys

Dibs it is !