Campy shifting problem

So im having some drama with the shifting on my sr11, Its the 2010 stuff.
So i can get the cable tension right but it is not sitting in the gear properly except in a few of the cogs.
Its a newish cassette and same age chain.
Im thinking a few things.

  1. The bush in the mech that fixes it to the hanger is worn causing the derailleur to move under tension.
    2.The shifters are getting worn but they still seem pretty snappy
  2. The rear mech is worn and needs new springs?

But i have never had this drama before so its all new to me
Any one have any ideas?

Thanks Guys

Probs gave your rear mech a bump, check your derailleur hanger alignment as the first port of call and if that’s not the culprit then ask Asher.

Yeah that was the first thing I checked and it’s all good
Thanks sime.

campy shifting problem… someone probably looked at it or perhaps it was exposed to a a 3km/h gust of wind

tried taking out the cable and inspecting it around the shifter end?

cassette spacers in the correct location? thinking of record 10s issues i had once and it was different thickness spacers…

if your mech needs new springs or bushes (which i really doubt), i’d buy a new mech, quicker, easier and probably cheaper at the end of the day. shifters easily fixed.

i reckon it’s sticky cables, first gen SR was super fiddly in that regard, is your tarmac sl3 or sl4?