Can I re-cover a knackered saddle?

I have this vettagel turbo saddle which, as far as I can tell, is essentially a selle italia turbo. The coating is all flaking off and while that doesn’t affect functionality re: supporting my fat arse, it would be nice to replace the cover.

What are my options for re-covering it short of just wrapping it in gaffer tape?

i too would like an answer to this. i have a rolls titanio which is a little worse for wear. any ideas?

Take it to a motor trimmer. They should be able to help you out.

Abbotsford Cycles have some 70’s, retro, lycra seat covers… or buy a new bike.

i have recovered 3 san marco saddles all to a good finish. i used vinyl. (looks like leather) and by using a heat gun gently you can soften the material to follow the contours of the saddle without creases/folds. it also eliminates the need for cutting and sewing fabric to follow the saddle contours. hope this helps

Where’d you get the vinyl from?

I discovered yesterday that Spotlight sell cloth bar tape. Kind of.

I was looking for something like that for polo mallet grips. What is the cloth tape called?

It’s just called cotton tape. It’s not adhesive, but you can use craft spray glue and it’ll stick. It’s with all the velcros and stuff, but if you ask they’d be able to help you.

They had black and white in three different widths (15mm, 20mm and 25mm) and it was about $4 for 5 metres.

A couple of layers would do the trick on a polo mallet.

vinyl from spotlight. $15 meter. red black green white whatever color really. cheers

Looks like spotlight is they way to go for all our material needs!

So you just softened it, smoothed it down and re-stapled it? Did you glue to hold it in place?

I have a white Viscount saddle that I wouldn’t mind recovering in black.

I take it you can soften this with a hairdryer turned up to 2400…

I don’t really want to purchase a heat gun

They have cloth adhesive tape for tennis racket grips in REBEL.

As far as cotton tape goes I get Vittoria or Geax cotton rim tape in by the 50m roll.
Bloody stick stuff on one side so you can just put it on like bar tape.
For a small beer like fee of corse.

Piece o’ piss.

Ripp off the old material and stick on some new stuff.
Well its not as simple as that but its the gist of it. Depending on the material you will need to heat/stretch/fold it to get it around the seat.
The trick is to run a thin line of glue from the nose to the arse. Stick down your material. Then gradually add glue bit by bit/little by little from the middle out sticking down the material as you go. don’t use any material that is too thin or porous or the glue will come through and you’ll have a crusty saddle. A PVA or something should do the trick. Let it dry a little bit so it gets tacky before sticking your material down.

I did my girls saddle up in blue velvet. Looks sweet.

If someone is willing to give this ago can you please take pictures step by step so we can all see!!! :smiley: Cheers.

If somebody gives me an old concor or rolls I’ll fix her up and post a tutorial.
I get to keep the saddle though.

Abbotsford cycles sells cloth bar tape. I think it costs about $12 for 2 rolls. comes in a few different colours.

I got two turbo saddles which have tears in them. 1 more uni exam to go and i am defs doing a DIY recover on them both and i’ll post pics…