Can someone loan me a beret?

And a snotty attitude? Perhaps a pack of stinky Gitanes also?

Tonight I’m collecting a 650B Polyvalent (general purpose) from Velo Orange, as built by Commuter Cycles as a showcase of Velo Orange componentry and what a Porteur / City / Commuter bike should be.

I’m charged with reviewing this pony over the weekend. Now I’m no Jan Heine or Joel Metz, but I’ll be doing my best to channel them and talk about planing and load stability, not vertical compliance and lateral stiffness.

It’s low trail, should be stable to ride with a front load on the stiff and strong porteur rack, yet supple and comfortable on the steel frame and large 42mm Grand Bois Hetre tyres.

Aside: Huw and the gang at Commuter are all top dudes, if you need anything from getting a clunker rolling, obscure parts sourcing, frame repairs to assembly and service on a top flight CX/XC/DH/Road/Track bike, they can do it all and do it well.

Disclaimer: I have no financial association with Commuter Cycles, but I do get the occasional Friday afternoon beer.

plus, huw totally rails on the singletrack…

Nice one Blakey.
It looks really heavy though… :slight_smile:
Each of those 42mm puppies must be like 500grams?

PS: If anyone would like to don a stripey shirt and reenact Foux du Fafa with me, hit me up :wink:

412g actually. the 32mm version is 285g.

Weight is not the issue here. It’s lighter than manky hybrids, MTBs, Dutch citybikes, Indian/Chinese roadsters, but eminently more practical.

You’ll understand one day.

Je voudrais un croissant!

le fromage de le belle poisson

Je vous dre un Picon Biere - That front rack is begging for a case of french champagne [or maybe some dark european beer if that’s more your style]. I want location shots with the beer.

Ha !!!

/// top secret pic of blakey

Noted. I’ll see what I can do.

I think you could fit my bike in that front rack. Looking forward to seeing how it rides.

Damn right, no flat bar mountain bike shit. I don’t understand why faux mountain bikes got so popular. They’re crap at everything.

Blakey - I’ll be looking for a pointless excuse to meetup with you this weekend so i can test it’s ‘epic skidzzzz’ factor. Or maybe just roll it around…

beaten to the punch.

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?

730am Fed Sq, tomorrow. Or sometime Sat, it’s going back 11am Sun.

Edit: Lunchtime Saturday! Burritos!


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yeah i think that’s what he meant…shudder

Flickr photoset

(Couldn’t find a case of champagne or 1664)