Can you help fix my front disc brake!!! xoxoxo Melbourne, trade for parts

Hi, Do you work in a bike shop? can you help me out by fixing my front hydo Disc brake?

I had a hayes9 front disc brake on my mtb,
I accidentall cracked the internal seal part of the calliper when forcing the pistons back into the calliper body to stop the pads rubbing on the disc (as the lever accidentally got depressed while a wheel/disk was out of the bike and didnt have a biscuit spacer to stop the brake pistons clamping together…)

I have Three Hayes Brakes, ‘Hayes Nine’ (now broken), ‘Hayes Stroker’ (needs a bleed) and ‘Hayes Stroker Trail’ (needs a bleed). Can somebody please help me out by using their tech knowledge to combine what I have to make a functional brake or bleed one of my strokers. As I dropped $70 on a new pair of pads (Bike shop ripped me off big time) just before the brake broke, And cant really ride very well without a front brake on my mtb.

You can either be paid with a beer and conversation, or one of the brakes which you could bleed and have a functional brake to use or sell, or you could get an invite to ride the Otways National park with me as your Local superhero myb Guide + some quality history on the town Aireys Inlet where I grew up. (I once saw a horse catch fire spontaneously while eating hay on this bush track… etc)

I will bring the brake/s up to melbourne to meet you at whichever bike shop / hipster cafe you may work at, with my disfunctional brakes, for idle chit chat about all things bike and life related.

Please help a brother out, as I’m not rich and dont know how to fix it myself… and not being able to ride… is depressing

Wiggle | Avid Juicy 3.5 Disc Brakes with 160mm Rotor Disc Brakes

Once you get this, you’ll replace the hayes on the back too.
And so cheap!

Bin them and buy BB7’s. It’ll probably be cheaper.

Replace, don’t fix. Throw away generation, they say. Best to throw away poorly made stuff!

BB7’s are cable not hydro, which makes them cheap, effective and better for the non hydro minded person.
They would be my choice.