Can you help Identify this frame???

The only identifying marks on it are this cutout on the underneath of the frame.


Know of a good frame builder/repairer who could fix this?.. (ive no idea how much it costs to get frames fixed?)

fiorelli? i have the exact cut out on my bb and i was told mine is fiorelli.
i bought my frame off user dayne he might know something about the bike not sure though

^^thats fucked up. Let me google that for you

I wasnt the one to run it into a car/wall. Now its in my posession and the frame is so light, So basically seeing if its worthwhile to get it re-built fixed.

The f is for fucked

The f is for fixable.

The f is for fierce! FIERCE AS SHIT! ₪₪₪₪!

Here is the one i had
and the fork crown pano
It is a fiorelli.

That being the case it’s the only Fiorelli I’ve seen with that panto and BB cutout?

Misinformation about old bikes and parts is the biggest killer in the game. Being insistent about something without knowing 100% makes it harder for everyone else. Never assume what you’ve been told when buying a bike, never take a sellers word as gospel without referencing it yourself.

You have a Bob Farleigh.
Farleigh on velospace, the place for bikes
farleigh track on velospace, the place for bikes
All sizes | Farleigh | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

^ This is why you’re the man…

No at all … I’m just old which means I’ve heard these names and manufacturers and was around at the time. If I was in my early 20’s and tasting this stuff for the first time I’d also find it near impossible to wrap my head around.

I just tell peep’s that most of what is told as fact is mostly incorrect, myth and unsubstantiated. That’s why I always suggest the kids to start a thread about bike ID’s becuase it’s then a legacy for others to search and reference in the future and more than one person can help make a positive ID - earlier in this thread Farleigh was mentioned. These pages are a free bike encylopaedia - especially as it’s an Oz forum it’s even more important for it to be noted and tagged as less is known about our own manufacturers than other brands made half a world away.

well said spirito.
and dayne, those forks are beautiful!

Yeah the old boy’s the shit,
But the forks are not mine any more i sold the frame to xavier its really nice all round.
Sad to see it go.

yeh its a really nice bike to ride. havent posted it up yet because i want to have the bike fully completed with the best parts.

ftfy spizza =0

the F is for fucking hard rubbish

frame is beyond repair. how about a lightweight stool?:


spirito, any idea whether the imports bob farleigh brought in from asia were any good? i’m assuming they’re not as good as his handmade stuff but thought they might still be decent?

i’m looking at one tomorrow and was hoping to have a better idea if it was worth the $300 odd dollars the guy’s asking. it’s complete with a mix of japanese components… looks good, but it’ll be my first roadie and don’t want something shit!