Canadian Possibilities

Your teacher and Brendan would get along like a house on fire!

I too am considering a move over to Canada, the wife is a primary school teacher and she has the opportunity to do a teacher swap. Short gist of it is the couple swap lives for a year.
If we can get a good place in Vancouver, we will be all over it. The ice hockey, the mountain biking, the snowboarding, hiking in awesome forests, fishing in glacial rivers, the maple syrup. I gotta get over there at some point. It seems like such a cool place.

Thats enough of the Moe bashing!!!

maybe i’ll marry her.

I have a friend who lives in Moe. Nice guy, but is missing most of his teeth, and does to many drugs for his own good.

Sounds like Melbourne…


I would give anything to move to a place with decent “ride to the ride” quality mountain biking. As much as I think the Yarra Trails are fun, they’re shit to ride on a regular basis.

yeah, but doesnt that mean you have to convince them to live in canberra for a year? BUURRRRRRN!

[i kid, you would love it there with your interests and you wouldnt be the first people to find a way to stay longer ;)]

is she from toronto? people from toronto think their town is better than everywhere else. standard saying 'toronto: its not the centre of the universe, but the residents are pretty sure you can see it from there"

people from canada also often refer to BC as “the 51st state”.

The ex-Edmonton, hockey players I know say the same thing… /\

I remember a team mate telling me how when he went home for xmas and dropped 70 degrees in 48 hours. 40 here and -30 back home!