Canberra Bike Round Up

Who is keen to come to this Canberra Bike Round-Up | You Are Here and then go for a ride and a beer?

Nope… Will be riding this instead:

James Williamson Enduro Challenge

I’ll likely be there.

Sounds like a plan.

Cool see you guys there at 3 or so

How was it? Any nice bikes? Pics?

On the other hand, I had an awesome race yesterday at Wingello. It had rained the night before and the trails were tacky as ever. Ty, these were the trails you would have rode in middle section of the Highland Fling.

I think it was pretty much what we all expected. Everyone rocked up, hung out with their mates and looked at other people’s bikes from a distance. The posse made a unanimous “fuck this” motion and went and got beer, which was awesome.

Hahaha, thought it was going to be something like that.
It is part of the You Are Here festival, which should be renamed You Are Hipster.

I think it’s more “your artsy idea which would never get government funding on its own can finally be done somewhere with a potential for actual attendance here” festival. I support the idea of an arts festival, and I think they’ll learn lessons from this (e.g. make things have clearer objectives than just “show up on a bike”).

Hahaha. YES.