Canberra Christmas

Who is around in the Canberra holidays? 21 December to the 6th Jan in particular.

Reason being is I am not going away and will be looking at things to do. Of those things - beer, riding and food will be high on the agenda. So who is around so I can be a pest?

Activities will involve craft beers, burritos, xc riding, riding around with booze in the backpack and sippin’ tins in the sun etc.

Oh - and maybe coffee and stuff.

Bugger that you live in Canberra…

yerp, not goin anywhere

Sweet - lets hit up the north section of the trail sometime, yeah?

I’m in town for a few days (22-30) and wouldn’t mind having a looksey around Bruce Ridge at some stage if someone wants to show me the *fast lines.

*there will be no fast lines taken due to over indulgence of everything, except sleep.

You still have my number?

Sounds wicked. I really want to have a go at smashing out some of the rad sections. I’ve ridden it enough now to feel confident at speed

I’m only away 24th-30th ish

Keen for beer and shenanigans all other times

Btw Ezy, when is #newbikeday?

Yeah, trawled through the phone and found it.

17th December. You will know - will be social media-ting the fuck out of it.

Come to CBR - we have an ice rink.

Nice, Only a week away. I look forward to you kicking our asses even more!
So far I’ve only got Christmas - New Year off work but I’ll speak to my boss tomorrow and see about the mon + tue before Christmas. Will hopefully be able to go out for a ride then

I just got the two days before Christmas off so I’m free from the 21st!
Let’s do sum riding

Anyone keen to do the whole centenary trail on the 1st or 2nd of Jan?

Or join for a section if you have already done it Ezy?

It would have to be the 1st for me coz I’m back at work on the 2nd

Hey, I’m not going anywhere at that time either and it would be great to meet some of you. Did a couple road rides with Bigadz and met Keith too. I’m keen for road riding primarily but I’m getting interested in the centenary trail. I have a cx so how do you feel the trail would fare on a CX for those of you guys who have experience with it? My feeling from the reading I did is that some sections may be doable on a cx and others are more difficult. Anyway, I’m keen to join some rides, road or trail.
Cheers Seb

Hey seb
Most of the trail is doable on a cx, you’ll just have to keep the speed down on the bumpier parts. Steve rode the northern section from Forde to Hall but didn’t enjoy it at all.
Will keep you in the loop about any road rides

I’m locking this in guys 1st, starting early