Canberra Christmas

Cool. I’m keen to try on the CX and see. Maybe I can join on the 1st Jan on some or all of the trail. It looks pretty exciting.
Will text you re road rides as well. I’m keen to go to the mountains a bit, Honeysuckle or maybe Wee Jasper (the latter would be quite a long ride though).

sweet, would love to get out to wee jasper

Let’s try to organise this then. Bigadz is good between 21-24/12. Any of these days would work for me too.
Let’s see if anyone else is interested and lock a date in.

From what I can see it looks like a 150-180 kms return ride, so early start.
Looks like dirt sections are a possibility, but apparently nothing technical. My guess is your typical roadie with 25c or 28c tyres would be enough.

Keen to hear from anyone, especially from those who have experience with this ride.

A couple links I found:
Canberra (Cotter Rd) to Wee Jasper via Mountain Creek at
(cycling map, possibly mtb route)

(comments on routes, conditions, distances by car) Looks like the second route described in there (via Urriara crossing and Mountain Creek) corresponds to the cycling map above

I can’t do any of those dates, work then a visit from a client then off to the family holiday stuff

I’m around until the 3rd and keen for MTBs, and given my proximity to Bruce it works well for me.

Seb, Monday 23rd is best for me to go to Wee Jasper.

Happy for Bruce ridge sometime. I especially want to get to Kowen/Sparrow some time these holidays. Is there a day between chrissy and new year that works for you keith and klips?

Adam, I’m having an awful week at work and I’m not sure ill be able to take my break on Friday, might have to work up to Christmas. A real fucking bummer, but I’ll keep in touch with you during the week. If all goes to my original plan Monday 23rd is good though.

Yep, 23c equipped roadie will be fine through there, some dirt, but its just corrugations, nothing rocky or super harsh. Its a good ride!

Thanks for the heads up JP.

Turns out I have to work till Christmas, so I can’t do Wee Jasper on Monday. Merde!
Sorry about that, it’s definitely something on my list.

Hey dudes - just checking in on people, sorry I haven’t been in touch. Haven’t been too well over the last few days and been pretty much house bound. Hopefully in the next few days I should be better for a bit of riding action.

Is anyone heading out this afternoon? I’m taking the sweet fixeh biek out on the hunt for good coffee/beer and will be trying not to get desperately lost.

How long are you in town for? I’m still not good.

Off on Monday am.

Good coffee found at last- it shouldn’t be that hard in a place of this size- a few more beers then home, it’s warm out.

Want to roll around tomorrow? I should fingers crossed be good. Where are you staying at? There is good coffee everywhere.

Cheers for the ride yesterday Ezy. It was a good taste of the local trails, I’m envious of your daily commute. Will be in touch next time I’m down, hopefully with a bit more spare time. That new bike of yours is awesome.