Canberra cyclist + kangaroo

This is part of the commute for a few FoAers here. Just a heads up that there are skippy’s about.


News story here:

props to the people for pulling over and helping so quickly.

Geez. I nearly got taken out by 8 deer out near the Hawkesbury once…

What’s that weird lane he’s riding in? Why are the cars so far away? Is that even legal?

Of all places, i’ve never expected to see a kangaroo there. I do always look out for Tone so I can stick a stick in his wheel though.

Standard Canberra bike lane IIRC, even has extra divided bit to increase the space between the cars and the riders.

Yup - agree. I guess the closest rural areas close by are close to the lake and Red Hill.

Just so people know, this is a lane that heads around parliament house. The lodge would be about 300m on the left if that medalling Kangaroo didn’t interfere.


Unless you mean he podiumed.

Yeah. That’s my mac autocorrect at work. Apologies for any confusion.


This time.

I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for your meddling spelling nazi ways.