Canberra Cyclocross - Narrabundah Velodrome - 13/11/10


Road Trip!

Dang it, I will be out of town racing.

This should be fun, The bundadrome banks are gnarly

Edit: Aww the track wont include the death-banks

in like errol.

Considering. If I come will defo race this time.

It’s somewhat strange that Melburn CX kids are happy to travel all the way to Canberra (and beyond) to ride a muddy grass firetrail in the name of CX…

…when they could just go and ride any number of awesome MTB trails in Melburn, or race any number of MTB races that the local clubs put on?

Can anyone please explain this anomaly?

PS - I reckon a CX race at Stromlo would be a truly awesome thing. :wink:

if theres room in the car and blakey is feeling kind i might treat my self to a birthday present in the form of a couple of days off and a cx race.

Nope, same weekend as the Highland Fling. Is that where you’ll be at Liam?

Bingo! Are you going Ty? We might have some accommodation as well.

Flippin sweet!

sure can! :slight_smile:

I’m out riding on the local trails every weekend. Very often theres a number of DD racers with me, sometimes we even have fat-tyred compatriots. :o

As for racing with the MTB’ers… it interests me, but reports of the ‘vibe’ of MTB events as well as the response to Cx bikes makes me a little less enthusiastic.

But it may be because racing my skinny tyred, drop-barred, fully rigid Cx bike on more MTB orientated terrain (and yes i’ve done this) was less enjoyable than doing proper CX races where the terrain was more suited to the bike. a little bit of technical is fun, too much just gets sketchy.

Ultimately its because i really want to see 'cross racing continue in Australia and if that means driving to CBR, or flying interstate to show support and have some fun then that’s ok with me. We had a guy drive down from Sydney just to race DD#2 and another guy (who was old enough to be a lot of racer’s granddad) drive from Wagarratta to race both classes at DD#3. I’d be notriks from BNE is seriously pondering how he can get down for this… the scene (as it is) is populated with some passionate people.

Hope this helps…

Hi all

I’ve been organising the race at Narrabundah. Great to see the interest! It would be a great help if you could pre-register for the race, so we can get an idea of how many people are coming for catering and race set up.
Pre-register Early and help us organise

And there’s also the garage/car boot sale on at the velodrome before the race!

Someone mentioned having a CX race at stromlo. We actually ran one out there last year, which went really well. We decided to go the the velodrome this year for something different. Hopefully we’ll be able to run a series of three races next winter and put Stromlo back into the mix.



From the talk around town at the moment it sounds like there will be at least a full carful of people heading up…

I’ll post the pre-reg link up on the DirtyDeeds site too… and please let me know if/when you plan races for next year as I’m happy to publicise them down here in Melbs through the site as well.

Photos are up!

Canberra CX 13/11/10 - a set on Flickr

This guy had amazing dismount/remount skills. All learned in his backyard after watching youtube videos. Shame he had a blowout and had to run the last half lap.

DSC_5262 by ah_blake, on Flickr

hey that is a nice photo…but what am I pointing at???

Probably a brown snake. There is a whole family of those fellas around that velodrome.

Hey… i meant to ask on the day, but are those maple leaves on your bibs?

CDN CX champ in a previous life? :wink:

Oh, just noticed! Are they old school MAFAC cantis too?

the bike was maade from an old hybrid from bits i found at the tip, i think i got the brakes from a peugot ladies mountain bike, the cycling trousers i got from ebay as a rocky mountain set, i am too self concious to wear them as a set as i am not a very strong rider and dont want to destroy the brand.