Canberra ------> Roobaix

Who is coming to Roobaix?

I’ll be driving down in the SAAB and can fit some people and bikes

Hmmm, tentative at the moment. Busiest time of year for us so I am not going to promise anything because of what happened last year.

If you can could you take my bike down for me and I’ll pick it up from you there?

I’m definitely in and need a lift. Got time off from work and leave pass from Mrs.

I’m most probably in and will also need a lift, for my bike as well. Will not do the Roobaix as I got on it too late.

I can fit 4 on the roof, so mine-adams-sebs-and a bike for westcoastpete

Then the boot can take a few but I’m delivering wjwat’s signature custom which is super precious so may need the whole boot with soft stuff protecting it.

Sean, when are you going down?

Sounds like we need a second vehicle in the convoy!

See how you go Liam, it is worth coming!

Confirming, I’m definitely in. Sorry I can’t help with a vehicle, but may be able to help with (free) accom.

Any Canberrans actually doing the Roobaix? I don’t have tickets but wondering if I could just tag along with a team (unless it’s a no-no)

Also, we’d drive to on the Friday then drive back on the Monday?

Steve’s going as well. I don’t know how he’s travelling though. If he’s driving I’m sure he’d appreciate company.

I haven’t bought a Roobaix ticket, I’m just going down to visit everyone and ride.

Even if Steve drives bike carriage will be the limiting factor… I’d say the beetle can only carry one bike

Damn. Though at least we will have a good crew. I’m doing the gravel grinder on Saturday and then will turn up to roubaix on Sunday and find some #foamafia and hopefully beat the crowds, my mobile number is 0487 three three 5 374 if you are there on the day and can’t find anyone. I’m tempted to leave my bike here and just ride the pomp when I’m up there.

I haven’t got a ticket either and won’t.
Steve could borrow my strap on rack, which carries two bikes

Yeah I’m gonna do the Saturday gravel ride too. I may be able to carry your bike Sean, we will see… Which one would you want?

I think leave early on Friday then come home lateish on monday

My 29erz! or if that doesn’t workout my roadie would be fine too. Just something with a gears I can train on while I’m there.

Could I please borrow the stainless rando again?

I’ll do the sat ride as well. I also have a three-bikes rack that goes on a towing ball if it can be of any help.

This is going to be good!



Thanks for the offer, the SAAB doesn’t have a towball though