Canberra Softroad Triple Crown

April 2nd and 3rd.

Three looped rides on some of Canberra’s best gravel and rock roads.

State versus State, with top 5 riders from each state in each ride adding points to the State total. Winning state gets some bragging rights and can run the next one. I’ll maybe throw in a second hand trophy, too.

Each rider will use one bicycle for all three rides and will have a handicap, subtracting time for features of said bicycle. Standard bicycle will be …a mountain bike with suspension and multiple gears. Time will be subtracted for: no suspension, single gear, fixed gear, tires under 43mm in width, tires under 26mm in width.

Ride 1: Saturday April 2nd, 11am.
3 Loops of Mt Ainslie on fireroad. Approximate time for a lap - 30minutes. Conditions - half of the course is very hilly, steep, loose large gravel/rock. Other half is flat to undulating, fine gravel, fast.

Ride 2: Saturday April 2nd, 7pm.
8 laps of a Bruce Ridge fireroad circuit. Approximate lap time - 8 minutes.
Conditions - short loop on very fine gravel. A 90 second or so climb and (quicker) descent, right handed corners, a long flat stretch good for big gears. Dark. Lights necessary. Kangaroos.

Dinner at supersecret (as yet unknown) location.

Ride 3: Sunday April 3rd, 11am.
5 laps of Black Mountain fireroad course. Approximate lap time - 10minutes. Conditions - Gravel but not as fine as Bruce Ridge, long flat to undulating sections with a couple of sharp pinch climbs. Sketchy corners. This may be changed to a flat Mount Majura course if people are feeling the hills by this stage. Majura’s fireroads are fine gravel, very fast, with right angled corners. Undulating. Short laps

Keep checking for course maps, elevation profiles, photos of conditions and handicap details.

The rides are not races, this is not an event, this is me inviting you to ride with me and my mates at your own risk. You’re almost certainly going to crash and it will hurt and do some damage.

Accommodation in Canberra is pretty cheap. Plenty of camping, plenty of hotels that should work out to less than $50 per person to stay in.

It should be a good time!

PM me or search it out on Facebooks to be part of it all.

Awesome. Currently doing the maths to see if I can make it…


Pics of the first ride, Mt Ainslie loop, are here ainslie loop - a set on Flickr and there is also a link to the mapmyrun map of the loop, though its pretty rough. If i had to say either way, I’d say the course is hillier than the map indicates, far more up and down in the first half than is showing.

Time adjustments for Ainslie course (per lap) are:

No suspension - 30 seconds bonus

Tires narrower than 43mm - 45 seconds bonus, OR
…Tires narrower than 26mm - 120 seconds bonus

Single speed - 90 seconds bonus, OR
Fixed gear - 120 seconds bonus.

So, if you are riding a fixed gear road bike with 25mm tires and no suspension, you will have a bonus of 30 + 120 + 120 seconds per lap, or 4min30seconds per lap. Thats 13min30seconds for the ride compared to a suspended mtb! Worthwhile thinking about if you’re a zen master fixter… I don’t have the guts to even try to ride the lap with that set up, so the adjustment may be way over or way under what is fair.

interest registered

hrmmm would be awesome if i could make this

Squiggle, Angry… road trip?

keen also if i can get away

Indeed, start brushing up on your Land rover repair manual :wink:

I’ll bring the track pump

Bruce ridge loop is now mapped and photos have been taken. Visit bruce ridge loop - a set on Flickr to check it out.

I am thinking 8 laps of this course, about a 35 to 40min ride.

Time adjustments for Bruce Ridge:

tires narrower than 26mm - 10 seconds per lap bonus.

single speed - 10 seconds per lap bonus, OR
fixed gear - 15 seconds per lap bonus.

That is all.

Black Mountain loop is also mapped. Find it here: iMapMyRun: Feb 16, 2011 12:28 PM in Canberra, Australia | MapMyRUN
As mentioned earlier, it’s a mix of bruce ridge and mount ainslie conditions… some very smooth and fast gravel, some rockier parts. Pictures will be added shortly. This will be a 3 lap ride, the course is quite unrelenting and most will b…e a bit tired from the preceeding two rides.
Here are the adjustments for Black Mountain (per lap):

No suspension - 30 seconds bonus

Tires narrower than 43mm - 30 seconds bonus, OR
…Tires narrower than 26mm - 60 seconds bonus

Single speed - 90 seconds bonus, OR
Fixed gear - 120 seconds bonus.

And new blog is up. The updates will be there.

final updates are coming thick and fast on the blog.

Canberra Softroad Cycling

Love to be there but just can’t make it happen :frowning:

I’ve got a mate who’s just moved to Canberra and just the other day took possession of a grinder-worthy singlespeed Crosscheck built to his spec by Mal Adjusted. I’ve instructed him to go down and say g’day so if you see a sheepish dude answering to “Daniel” or “DC”, make him feel welcome!

Cheers and have fun you lucky bastards!

Sadly I didn’t make it. But this “sheepish guy” will be popping up at rides from time to time (once my old knees toughen up).

Oh and Joel, the bike is awesome now with the smaller chainring and kool stops. Totally wondering why I bothered with gears for so long.