Canberra track?

My wife just got offered a job in Canberra that pays $13g more than I earn. She has to decide by Tuesday if she wants it… It’ll probably be a ‘yes’ considering the coin on offer but to ah, help aid our decision making over the weekend… I’d like to know is there any track racing happening in Canberra? Indoor velodromes?? Outdoor velodromes??? Clubs???

Any info would help… especially if there IS track happening in Canberra because I can’t say that I’m very enthusiastic at this point…

If you have to move for work - make sure you speak to the accountant.
One of my mates moved to canberra for work, and found there are all sorts of tax advantages.

speak to a pro though.

Really? Ok will do…

and I should Google before posting… found the Canberra Cycling Club website with links to their track page…

Outdoor concrete(?) track by the looks of it… so next question (not answerable on the CCC webpage) is:

  • How strong is track in Canberra? eg, how many grades? numbers of riders?? inter-club competitions etc etc?

  • What is the concrete(?) velodrome like to race on? is the surface all good??

Also are there any other tracks in the ACT or in the nearby (within hour/hour half drive) big country towns??

I know this is a late reply to your question- Canberra may not have the numbers on the track that Vic does but I suspect they have some good coaching. They have a number of strong track riders and a tallent identification squad who rode in Tas Chrissy Carnivals.

I think you will find the outdoor track will develop lots of skills and make you a strong track racer. I think you will enjoy the racing there although they may not do as much track in the winter. I hear there are many early morning road bunches though.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Cheers for the reply 99. Well my wife is heading there on Feb 4th… ah, I’ll be staying on in Hobart till the end of my contract… so eta June? possibly??

arriving when Canberra has its lovely chilly morns…but hey your movivng from Tassie so…

Correct^^^ Our Tasmanian mornings have just started to get cold… Looks like I’ll be in Canberra in 3mths or less… My wife really likes her job there…