Cane Creek deep carbon

I have a set these, they f’ing rule and thats a pretty OK price I recon. Here


are they tubs or clinchers?

Tubular. I’d be keen on this if they didn’t have that weird hub/spoke system.

Whys that man? It’s not so different from mavics straight pull system. Really accessible and adjustable…

What’s the dealio ?

Dis the dealio…

Aesthetically I do not like that rear hub. From a practical point of view I prefer a regular spoke system, maybe I’m just ol’ fashioned. Not that I have ever had to source a cane creek straight pull spoke but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be as easy to find as a regular spoke.

No discussion on the decals yet? haha.
Hubs, carbon weave, everything is rad about these… except the branding.

Yes, and CC stopped making wheels so that’s not going to help either.

o i c.

Look pretty sick thou (minus decals)

I like the decals. Specially on the histogram

Yeah CC not making them anymore but apparently 3T bought the patent so maybe we’ll something from them in the future - wouldn’t hold my breath obviously. Potato/ Potarto on the aesthetics I suppose ;). Jeeeez, those stickers, that branding, WTF! But it grew on me.