Cannondale + ipod = win

Cannondale certainly have their finger on the pulse …

… A rear vision mirror powered by your ipod. A hard disk notorious for vibration vulnerabilities strapped to your top tube. Awesome

“Maintenance free” shaft drive … Heh heh

yeah that’s pretty dumb. In fact it’s one of the stupidest designs I’ve seen in a long time. :evil:

Meh shaft drives have had their 15mins in the motorbike world already, so I don’t see why cycling should give it any kudos.

That ‘Radical’ (what a shit name for a bike), aside from looking like the flexiest frame design out there, has one really positive point: the swing-arm (as they call it, although it doesn’t actually swing anywhere) has the potential to be fully enclosed. This makes good sense to me for a SS bike because it would cut down on cleaning yes?

Why do all Industrial designers draw with that wishy washy crap technique. The bicycle is a pretty refined thing. They change it and test it all the time, but two triangles seem to work best.

clearly those drawings are just concept ideation, they cant just hit it with the rendering package on their ‘nurbs’ based drawing package… NURBS.

ha, can i join the party?

HA true I realise there concepts, just the architectural superiority complex coming out. Yes judging by the name on here I would be a bit of a NURBS modeling sort of man…personally I love the yellow trace. But where I work its Rhino all the way

Its just the way that all industrial design seems to be represented with either blue pencil (its blue so it doesn’t show up on the photo copier, repro machine or Die line) or water colour that bugs me. Up at RMIT archi school there are always ex industrial students who insist on drawing like that, we whip it out of em. Solid works even allows you to render like that.

yellow trace is as bad blue pencil, I’m sorry :evil:

and at least IDers can sketch…

all in jest, of course…

In my graphic design elective this year i was told to only draw in black pen, i handed my folio in with 80% lead drawings… argued with my lecturer that I like the medium and find it personally better for rough ideation sketching…

its horses for courses, in ideation i will sketch more with pencils, then go back and add weight to lines with ink. then i can photocopy and overlay using ink then render with my copic/pantone markers. Or scan in and render in photoshop… it all depends on the aesthetic i am working on, and the project i am working on.

as if any of it matters, as long as you can communicate the concept efficiently.

…and with this shitty post welcome me to the 200 post club

All true… if anything since Ive started teaching Ive noticed how unclear renderings can be. I actually prefer 3d line drawings, thoiugh that is to tedious to do most the time

I think that’s the point. It’s a concept not a finished product. It’s subject to change and the softer, sketchier style allows you to visually demonstrate a few variations in one drawing and allow your mind to consider more possibilities. I love the concept art style. It’s elegant and emotive. It doesn’t work for everything but it effectively conveys the ideas embodied in piece.

3D concepts often just don’t work as well because everything is too clearly defined which gives the impression that this is the final design, yet it’s rendered with basic mats, unrefined lighting and rendered with something basic. It’s screams “here is our product. we skimped on everything we could. please buy it”.

Perhaps architecture is another story because of the scale and detail of the objects in question and you need lots of different angles and closeups to fully understand what’s going on

Obviously there is a difference in scale and we need to use renderings - in much the same way as ID use there water colours i suppose - to convey concepts from a very early stage as your average punter has trouble understanding Architectural drawings.

Yeah, I want one… oh no, wait I don’t have an Ipod so wont be able to ride it… my Iriver Mp3 player is probably not compatible, and it doesn’t have the theme tune to shaft on it either… Damn, back to my normal non concept bicycle… oh the shame !

Why would you look down to see whats behind you? And why does it matter if you’re going forwards…

…it like ‘what can we strap an ipod to’ week.

I’m told that cycle and helmet mirrors are popular with some. Bikes haven’t been the fastest things on the road for over 100 years…

It’s been done! (Sans iPod/River, much more lo-fi)

Proto: hindsight+photo.jpg (image)


i people signing up for these bikes will have their fitness first backpacks and white reeboks ready for their commute on their very full and successful life schedules.

looks like an uglier cityfied kestrel RT700 with junk on it


Bwaaaa ha ha ha GOLD