Cannondale/ Junk Food Clothing Collabo

Actually quite like this. 2 years ago this would have been a fixie rather than what seems a sensible commuter. What’s happening to the world?

Cannondale and Junk Food Clothing

Needs dirt drops and the other half of the fork. Then we’ll talk.

The day ‘sensible commuter’ includes a leather satchel bag in the triangle, is the day i stop cycling.

haha I use the term ‘sensible commuter’ rather loosely. In comparison to a brakeless fixie, most bikes appear ‘sensible’.

Why be sensible though?! Life is too short! I commuted on a MTB for 6 years. It was pretty sensible. I started commuting on a track bike. Guess which was more fun?

But, back to topic, i suppoe, minus the stupid bags, this bike isn’t totally ridic.

The MTB?
I’ve come full circle- commuting on the MTB now and lovin it!

‘Bombin’ footpaths etc (Is that how a MTBer says it?)


‘Sensible’… I’d rather be dead.

Sorry I though I was on BV forum

Sensible is what works for you. I’m sure there’s someone out there in the world that needs a 700c commuter with fancy leather what-evers.

I didn’t even notice the leather satchel in the triangle. That’s ridonkulous.

I like ‘fancy leather what-evers’, just not on my bike.

Lol, the rims say: “bad boy riders only ride solo”

I have just started doing this too, after a 8 year hiatus from the MTB.

everything is a launch pad. It takes me an extra 5 minutes to get to work but is soooo much fun!

Cannondale have been doing these clothing company/bad boy frames bikes for years I had to build one once it was nerve racking everything was custom painted so I had to be extra careful.

thats what your cross bike is for… its not like you race/ride it anytime else :wink:

I find the MTB more fun.

The CX bike is sort of mediocre at everything, master at none. Having said that if you could own one bike, CX would be pretty high on the list.

Why go to all that trouble to build that and then put $300 department store components (Shimano Acera) on it?

Fixie = Thin edge of the wedge.

Bike with no mudguards < a commuter.

Must be a shitty cx bike then. My crosscheck is awesome at most stuff except being carried. Perfect commuter.