Cannondale/ Junk Food Clothing Collabo

+1, my cross bike got me to the roobaix, cos I was too drunk to drive there in the morning, then it performed in the roobaix, then I rode it most of the way home.
Loads of hills and shit through dandenong, the thing just climbed up them like my roadie would. Slower, but smoother, and more determined.
I’ll be a little bit sad to see it go, if any of you slacko’s decide to buy the fucken thing. Dyldo needs some caaaaaash!?!?

26" would be my preferred commuter, something like this:

Or if I’m feeling frisky:

I don’t get it, but fair enough.

can someone link me to the argument/explanation for those stupid one-legged forks?
surely the over-engineering of the one arm and hub outweighs (no pun intended) any weight savings?

Cannondale Lefty Fork Technology and History - Sea Otter 2010 -

“The amount of money they must have wasted over the years trying to make this fork design work could probably feed the world for a year. A classic example of blind overengineering.”

“I gotta say, Cannondale has done a great job of pulling the wool over the market’s eyes.”

First post is a cracker!

There’s a reason evolution tends to make things in pairs - you don’t see too many animals hopping around on one really great leg, watching everything through one really good eye, and listening to everything with one giant ear.


Don’t know about that. Snakes and worms are doing pretty well for themselves.

When was the last time you saw a snake with 1 leg?

you just proved our point. they don’t have one leg between them

Wow, commuters, tourers, CX bikes are certainly the flavour of the day. I gotta get my tourer going for my commute - 25km each way and more often than not a headwind. It’s about the limit for commuting fixed I think but at least I’m getting strong doing it.

Shall we change the name of this site to

I can’t make it out, but that looks like an old Bruce Gordon tourer? Great bikes (sweet custom racks and brakes too), but why 26" unless you’re going into deepest darkest Timbuktu (even then…), or have to ride such a small frame that toe overlap and HT length becomes an issue?

because the 26" wheels make his chest look bigger when riding shirtless?

Because 26" rocks, lower standover height etc

I just got a ball removed: no stand over issues at all with 700c.

I do concede the lines have blurred thanks to 29er’s
But you’re right Blakey that 26" is better for many parts of the world. Not a worry in Australia I guess!

H is a strange man… i have long since stopped trying to understand his crazy lifestyle. when standover height becomes your main argument you’ve lost me.

considering that Horatio is hardly what i would call short i agree here