Cannondale Rack

So in true FoA style, I put the call out for a cheap, cheap road frame for a risered racked pub bike / summer commuter and Horatio offered me this Cannondale frame. I couldn’t turn down the price, and had pretty much all the parts ready for it that I pulled off of my Viner.

Long story short, I built it up last night after picking it up last weekend when I was in Melbourne seeing the best band in the world.

Parts list…

Cannondale 1995 2.8 frame and fork
Generic alloy risers with Oury’s
Nitto Pearl stem
Shimano 600 cranks with Shimano 46t
Shimano 600 rear derailleur
Shimano 105 down tube shifters
Shimano 105 brakes
Shimano 105 hubs laced to Mavic Open 4 CD’s
Generic alloy seat post
Selle Italia Flite
Schwalbe Durano 700x25 tyres
Old porteur rack from
Specialized levers
MKS touring pedals

The whole thing has cost me less than $100 (so far). Thanks to Horatio, Huge, Justdave and Sam Treadly. The pedals are borrowed from John Kennedy.

Rode into work and on a short ride tonight. Rides really well, even with the front weight.


using a bag as a bag is sooo 2011.

Fully. I’m really liking this hey!

Hey it looks awesome Jln, really happy you put it to good use! A damned light commuter too I imagine

It’s funny because its true.

very cool, Is the yellow a homage to Lance Armstrongs, formally known as tour wins.

Very nice. welcome to the club.


This is so sick!! Love it!


i am frothing so hard over that portaging device!

Love it. Want to get a rack except they’re not cheap to post on thems internets!

damn! looks good man :cool:

This looks so good. So tempted to do something similar with one of my bikes.

Rackical commuter. Looks comfy as.

Great build man

Treadly sell Gamoh racks that are very similar for not much. Sam’s got one his bike now.

Nice ride

Hah, yet another of your builds that I had a minor, but significant part in. Looks ace!

FUIC strong FTW