Cannondale Track '93 (first build of 2016)

Had a super busy 2015, couldn’t even finish building my nagasawa, hopefully I’ll get that done soon. It’s nice to be back! Congrats to kreyziest’s dale!

To celebrate the winning build, I’ve decided to let my first build of the year to be a Cannondale Track as well.

The theme of this build is “Factor OG on Steroids”. See if you guys can get the drift.

Here it is, my Cannondale Track 93

Cannondale Track 1993
Cannondale Track/Campagnolo C-Record
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo C-Record 1st Edition Pantographed 165mm/Campagnolo Record
Campagnolo C-Record
Ananta Gold 17T/Campagnolo C-Record 48T/DDI
Cinelli Pista NJS/Cinelli 2A NJS
Tune Carbon/Campagnolo Record Titanium
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Bora 16H/Campagnolo C-Record 16H Pista/Vittoria
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Bora 16H/Campagnolo C-Record 16H Pista/Vittoria

Happy New Year my friends~!

Pretty damn great as usual, love the relaced Boras instead of new Pistas for the black look.

But please, swap out that NJS. Italian NJS is too good and too rare to not be on an NJS build. Dudes are crying themselves to sleep because they can’t finish their build then you look on gira/principedal/instagram and they’ve used it all on other non NJS builds for no good reason.

yes. this is very nice.

Meh, I think I must be the only person ever not to really dig C Tracks, but I would have zero complaints about riding it to the pub and back a few times.

Looks good!

Thanks for your kind words. As for the NJS Campy Parts, I guess for those crazy collectors, NJS frames are just too easy to get, that’s why they use all the rare parts on their rare bikes.

As for myself, it’s simply because I’ve never really liked NJS frames because I think they are over priced for what they are. But then, that’s just self preference, I would choose Perkins and Ken Evans over any NJS frames on any given day! XD

Ha, thanks. It’s “just” like yours!

lol, I’m with you on that one! C Tracks is a bit over hyped. I only picked up this one as it was offered to me because I was “dared” to get one.

Thanks my friend~

Same and jeez they want big $$ for even the most clapped out frames.

What if I told you and old guy I race with at track has an NJS built Perkins, yeah I know and no he won’t sell it to me. He’s a mad old sprinter and has some cool stories to go with the bike so doubt he’ll ever part with it.

He was telling a good one the other night about another Perkins frame he had that he broke the seat stay on and proceeded to pull the drive side drop out and chain stay 90 degrees out from the bike… he recons he got Ken to repair it as Daryl would have killed him if he saw.