Cannondale Track x 4

wow, 4 on ebay at the moment, one with full superbe pro goin nuts. Get your shipping forwarders ready though

1993 Cannondale Track bike pista frame njs rare vintage | eBay

Cannondale Track bike Suntour Superbe NJS Vintage frame | eBay

58cm Cannondale Track | eBay

cannondale 3.0 track frame 1995 near nos in red fixie | eBay

eBay Gem: '93 Cannondale Track Complete (Prolly Is Not Probably)

That first one is going nuts because all of the proceeds from the winning bid are going to starting a new shop in Denver. The other cannondale owners must of thought “shit im riding a goldmine here, lets sell it”, and then they will be disappointed because they didn’t make as much as the first guy.

I can’t imagine anyone spending extra money for that reason. Unless they’re the new shop owners’ parents or something.

When my LBS closed, he was $80,000 in debt to his parents.
Can’t even imagine doing that!

Also, I don’t really like these cannondales, IDK why. They’re nicer than modern allu frames, but, I don’t know, ergh.

Cos u dum lol

Not for that reason but because it has been linked on various blogs and forums around the world it attracts alot more attention and most likely sell for a premium price. Same deal with when that cycling weapons of mass destruction dude sold off like 3 X DA10 groups a few months back. I have been watching DA10 for month and have seen it got for a little are $450 group. His sold for about $900 + each groupset. I put it down to his blog and its readers and also the other big blogs with linked it aswell…

I want the 54 in ny

This thread makes me smile:)

i really like these frames, and would consider one if i ever had the cash to spoil myself on a track only bike.


those dropouts are damn ugly!!

everything else - fucking awesome

1993 Cannondale Track bike pista frame njs rare vintage | eBay
back up for sale.
0 feedback buyer with one bid for an extra $25 over the second highest bidder.