Cannondale Track

Cannondale Track frame early 90s | eBay

If it was my size it would be mine. Love these frames. Unfortunately it is not, so here it is. Been on eBay for a few days already and still no bids, so seller has added a BIN.

Although he’s probably measuring along the top tube rather than ‘actual’ top tube because of the slight slope… maybe it is my size hmmmmm

patience grasshopper. did anything come out of the possibility of this being the pinched one? looks a bit too used to be a fresh paint handball, whats the screw near the dropout for???

No idea? Quick google search shows that others have a hole there? you can see it if you squint?

^^^^ porn

So who got it???

If it had original paint, I would of considered it.

+1 and size for me of course.

I want that tone on tone look for my next paint job.

Yeah after I posted it up here I was like hmmm should have taken my chances but all good!

One day the world will realise that these frames are fucking shit.

Who cares, they look good.