cant thread crank puller into cranks

apologies if this has already been answered, did a search, didnt see much…

got an old step through malvern star for a the girl, and i cant thread the crank puller into the cranks.
the bike is really old, and the dust caps were about 30 years old, and they just kind of crunched out, and all the bits got stuck in there…
i tried scraping them out gently with a screw driver, but threaded the shit out of it.

so, my dilemma is, how do i get the threaded crank arm off…
and is there away i can get these dust caps out of the other crank without them breaking and crumbling and getting stuck?

or am i just shit out of luck?


Go to pony bikes.

if the dust caps are plastic, maybe try melt the fukkers?

Soak the crumbly bits in rp7/wd40/petrol/coca cola/some other solvent and get them out gently!! For the threaded side… LBS

thank you!
i love you!


The drive side dust cap on my GT is stuck! Cranks are Sugino 75s and the dust caps are metal.

The allen key “hole” turned oval on the first turn. Can I take off the other crank and then try and get a spanner in behind the crank spider removing the BB cups? I won’t be able to take the crank arm off the spindle, but will be able to clean/grease the BB…

^ Could you (carefully) drill two holes in the dust cap opposite each other and use some needle nose pliers (or similar) to turn it? Probably a bit fiddly, but it’s an option.

Your dust cap will be farked, but sounds like it already is.

It is already f’d. I’ll try and borrow a drill and give it a crack. Does the removing the whole spindle including crank sound doable?

^ Don’t see why not, if your spanner can slide in between the shell and crank.


Not this.