Canti brake pads and TA Pro 5 vis chainrings

Righto. Couple of questions that might help others too.

I have fitted some Tektro CR720. I’m going to fit Koolstop Dura (road) style pads/holders instead of run the stock Tektro linear pull pad. Good move right?

A bit of a bigger problem is trying to run original/old TA Specialites Pro 5 Vis chainrings - 42/26 - but it doesn’t run nicely. The 42t is pretty much on the cassette midline. It works, but it’s very noisy on the bigger cogs, quiet in the middle, and just a touch of noise on the smallest cog. You can see the teeth pushing the chain sideways to get it into line at these extremities.

My question is, if I replace these with new Pro 5 Vis chainrings, will it work better? The website says no; 8sp max. Velo Orange ones are stated to work with 10sp, but they don’t have the sizes I’m after, and I’m not sure they’ll work with my old cranks; they might only work with the VO cranks. Otherwise, I might have to look at a different crankset.

Yes. You should just be able to fit the inserts into the tektro holders, that’s what I did.

Cranks: no idea. I’d just buy new ones with a more common BCD for cheaper more available rings etc, but I can appreciate the sentiment thought (this is for your rando?)


The pads that came with the CR720s are long linear pull ones. I’m going to replace them with Koolstop road ones.

Oh right, my cr720’s came with the ‘cross’ ones that take a road insert.

Same, put Dura Salmon in mine.

And I’d just run 8 speed cassette & barcons :wink:

Cool. I’m not doing anything stupid then. That’s always good.

salmons, all day, every day on my cr720s.