Canti/V mounted front rack SQUEAL

I got myself one of those $15 front racks from abbottsford cycles that mounts onto the front of the cantilever brakes for my LHT and with a little ‘panel beating’ on the piece of steel between the fork crown hole and the rack it fit pretty comfortably in a rather cluttered area (canti’s, wide tyre, wide fender) and looks a treat but now my brakes are squealing like mad and im getting bad looks all over town,although the noise was kinda useful as a warning its really starting to get on my nerves.

the squeal happens still when there is no load on the rack.
I’ve tried moving the washers around and in any configuration its still squealin’


Post pics.

Some brakes have countersunk bolts, some don’t. This could be your issue.

Pad compound? Toed in?

Forgot anout this thread when i just took the thing off but just got back on track the other day,The bolts look pretty stock,the brakes themselves aren’t the best (oryx) but there ain’t no squeak when the rack isn’t on,it kind of a shuddering squeak aswell

So if everything is tight, then could the squeal be the brakes rubbing on the rack as they move?