Capitalism has killed fixed gear culture

Chris King Headset

Ah yes, for a GOOD product,

but what about examples of BAD products? :roll:

Eggbeater/Candy Cs.

The axles bend in a strong wind.

Devil’s Advocate hat on … I don’t think ng ever intended their blinkies to be robust commuter headlights, or [offroad floodlights]( gator 105). As backup lights for a ride across town or to have on the bars in case officer Plod is out meeting his quota, they’re fine. And they’re also fine for appealing to urban trendoids who are looking for a bike light to match their rims or grips. Don’t take it so hard if you’re not in their ‘target market’ - you already know which online shop (or canadian co-op) to get better/cheaper ones from. That being said, I sure hope their new commuter 4 and 5 led lights are a bit better at keeping the water out than the last one of theirs I had, especially if they’re $50-$70 rrp in the LBS. And they do come to the party when the chips are down… capitalism supporting FGC on this occasion am i rite

The market for cheap trendy bike accoutrement is only getting bigger - ref. bike sales stats quoted earlier - there will always be a pool of people new to cycling, eagerly hoeing into whatever dreck that’s shovelled in their direction. Do we really need a Black Label (or equivalent) thought police, rolling around policing bike culture? Surely the most you can do (while keeping a clean conscience) is to lead by example, have fun, be yourself, introduce people to the forums :slight_smile: … I mean encourage dialogue at every opportunity… speaking of capitalism and FGC, who do I throw money or time at to make the shirts happen!?

They all rode Raleigh’s in Quicksilver.

Bloody capitalists.

some points.

• Capitalism doesnt kill anything except African babies and smokers.

• Even if capitalism does kill fixed gear “culture”, who gives a shit, your still gonna ride your bike.

• Also, define “fixed gear culture” because all the posts ive read in this thread, seem to refer to contemporary cycling culture as a whole

• A small group of fixed wheel enthusiasts does not constitute a culture. A culture is much larger and intricate than that.

• i like muffins, am i part of muffin culture?

I’m no expert, but Google has a few examples: :wink:

You make some good points.
The title of this thread was deliberately contentious…

It’s killing you but you don’t know it yet :-o

i know its killing me…one ebay purchase at a time.

personally i wouldnt count on google for defining examples

haha but make sure you include the “”


According to the Guardian “There is the coffee, croissant and muffin culture.”

haha you loose! :mrgreen:

Don’t worry, Capitalism is killing muffin culture too. :frowning: